Cargo Shipping to Cat Cay, Bahamas

Cat Cay is only 50 nautical miles from Miami, 60 from Fort Lauderdale and 90 miles from West Palm Beach, yet a world away from the cares of the Continental USA. Whether you cross the Gulf Stream by boat and arrive to one of the most modern, beautiful marinas in all of the Bahamas or if you fly over on Island Air, you arrive to a state of tranquil, peaceful modernity. Cat Cay is a private club, owned by its members, however the island was once a stronghold of notorious pirates like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard. The island has changed hands many times over the years but today this tiny gem (just 2.25 x half a mile) welcomes visiting yachtsmen to their full service marina. All facilities of the Cat Cay Yacht Club are located on North Cat Cay.

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Bimini Shipping provides weekly shipping services from the Miami River direct to Cat Cay. For more information about shipping or chartering please contact us at 305.634.8858 or email us at