Cargo Shipping to North & South Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini is made up of two major islands that are rich with history and natural resources - North and South Bimini. Most of the islands' population lives in Bailey Town, while the main tourist center is in Alice Town, both in North Bimini.

North and South Bimini, and North and South Cat Cay, are the closest of all the Bahamian islands to the US coast, being only 40 miles from Florida. It is the big-game fishing capital of the Bahamas and major international tournaments are held here. The amount of big, fast, powerful motor vessels with their huge, sky-high tuna-towers is astounding. The positive side of all this is that the availability of all kinds of yacht-related facilities is high in this part of the Bahamas.

Many boats visit Bimini for short visits from Florida, others use the facilities to rest after crossing the Gulf Steam, clear customs and immigration, reprovision and enjoy the life ashore before moving on over the banks.

The eastern side of North Bimini has three marinas; Weech's Bimini Dock, Bimini Big Game Fishing Club and Binimi's Blue Water. This island was also the home of Ernest Hemingway for six years in the 1930's. His home is now open to the public.

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South Bimini is sparsely populated and separated from the north island by a narrow ocean passage.

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